Premium Wholesale Display

We have created beautiful display stands to boost sales and educate customers and staff. All stands are free with opening orders.

The Premium Display includes our full range of essential oils and wellness products.
W 600mm x D 324mm x H 476mm

Stands have pull-out shelves to make re-stocking a breeze. Info graphics for balms and oils help educate customers and assist sales staff.

20 sec Demo Video here

Alternative Sizes available

Sale price$2,555.50

4 x Lemon-Scented Gum
4 x Narrow-Leaf Ironbark
4 x Makrut Lime
4 x Bergamot
4 x Clary Sage
4 x Clove Bud
4 x Fir Needle
4 x Frankincense
4 x Ginger
1 x Jasmine Absolute
4 x Lavender
4 x Lemon
4 x Lemon Myrtle
4 x Lemongrass
4 x Mandarin
4 x Oregano
4 x Patchouli
4 x Petitgrain
4 x Peppermint
4 x Pink Grapefruit
4 x Rose Geranium
4 x Rosemary
4 x Sweet Orange
4 x Tea Tree
4 x Vetiver
4 x Ylang Ylang
4 x Breathe
4 x Chill
4 x Freedom
4 x Midnight
4 x Sleepy Time
4 x Summer
4 x Winter
4 x Muscle Rub - 15ml
4 x Chest Rub - 15ml
4 x Healing Balm - 15ml
4 x Bruise Balm - 15ml
4 x Muscle Rub - 35ml
4 x Chest Rub - 35ml
4 x Healing Balm - 35ml
4 x Bruise Balm - 35ml
3 x Snuffler Inhaler

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