Organic alternatives to synthetic fragrances.

Come on a sensory journey through the art of perfumery.
Using only organic, high quality essential oils, our perfumery will teach you to design your own Signature Scent.


Join us in Kuranda for an Aromatic Adventure to design your own Signature Scent.

Experience our Signature Perfume Workshops where you'll have the opportunity to learn about essential oils and how they can be used to support your health and wellbeing.

Intro To Essential Oils

A brief introduction to essential oils and the art of blending.

Learn about wild harvested local oils and steam distillation.

Experience the power of aromatherapy, try some of our most popular oils.


Signature Perfume Workshop

Reconnect with nature and express yourself through the power of scent. 

Our expert facilitators will help you craft your own signature perfume; something that reflects your authentic self.

Move away from synthetic fragrances and align with natural essential oils.

Explore your creativity and connect with like-minded people who share your passion for all things natural and aromatic.


Private Perfume Workshop

More intimate and personalized, this workshop is designed to be an immersive and transformative experience, allowing you to tap into your deepest emotions to create your own signature perfume
that truly captures your essence.

Our expert facilitators will guide you through the process, providing you with individualised attention and support every step of the way, helping you select the perfect combination of organic
oils that best represent you.

Can be enjoyed one-on-one or with a friend. 


Perfume Party

Designing your own organic perfume party is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, create memories and strengthen bonds with colleagues. 

Our personalized approach ensures that each of you will have the opportunity to create a scent that's uniquely yours, in a fun and creative setting.

This workshop allows participants to connect on a deeper level and learn more about each other's unique preferences and personalities. Explore your senses, tap into your creativity and unleash your inner perfumer!

Use our location, or we come to you. 

Groups of 8 - 60 people 

For groups of 20+ please contact our helpful team so we can tailor a workshop to suit your needs.


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