Find your inner zest with this bright, radiant oil. Bursting with vitality, purity and productivity Lemon oil empowers us to sharpen our focus and channel our intentions.

Its crisp, clean scent awakens the senses, inviting positivity and clarity while infusing the mind with a fresh, cheerful ambiance.

Botanical Name:  Citrus limonum
Aroma: Fresh, sweet
Note: Top
Status: Organic
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Method of extraction:
Cold pressed

Sale price$24.00

Lemon oil has been used as a Detoxing agent, both physically and emotionally. It helps us clear our minds, remove feelings of agitation, lack of focus and anxiety. 

It encourages logical thinking and activates our anticipation and attention processes. Because it is cooling and drying, Lemon oil can remove unwanted heat from our system, helping us think rationally and focus our intentions. 

Lemon oil is high in d-limonene, which has many health benefits including assisting weight loss by lowering blood sugar, and clear problem skin types, by regulating the production of sebum and toning fatigued skin.

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