Rose Geranium

For the stressed and overworked, or those buried in tasks, Rose Geranium brings equilibrium, creating balance between emotional needs and intellectual pursuits. Its soft, sweet aroma helps create a nurturing sense of security and stability, nudging us to feel with our heart not just our head.

Botanical Name: Pelargonium graveolens
Aroma: Sweet, soft aroma of garden of roses in full bloom under a summer sun
Status: Organic
Method of extraction: Steam Distilled

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Rose Geranium aroma helps create a nurturing sense of security and stability while washing away tension and worries. 

Geranium oil is perfect for someone who has become very mental in outlook and forgotten sensory experiences, intuition, heart and imagination. It suits a nurturing personality and aids balance and harmony of the Heart Chakra.

Rose Geranium can help a workaholic wanting to slow down and remember to feel with their heart and senses as well as think with their head.

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