Oregano oil is a formidable natural remedy. Accelerating recovery from coughs, colds, and illness, it triggers white blood cell production, bolstering the body's defences and boosting metabolism.

This powerful oil is renowned for its ability to enhance digestion and combat allergies and inflammation caused by environmental factors such as pollen and mould.

Oregano essential oil is potent and should always be diluted.

Aroma: Bold, herbacious, medicinal aroma with fresh minty undertones.
Note: Mid
Chakra: Heart
Status: Organic
Method of extraction: Steam distilled

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Oregano’s invigorating scent can ease tension and stress, promoting mental clarity and emotional well-being. Its known to uplift mood and reduce fatigue, enhancing mental and emotional balance.

When diluted and applied to the abdomen or used in aromatherapy, it may help relieve digestive discomfort and stimulate healthy digestion.

Aiding faster recovery from coughs, colds and common illnesses, Oregano oil helps the body create more white blood cells and speeds up metabolism. It has also been said to improve digestion, strengthen bones and improve heart health.

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