Makrut Lime

Combat fatigue and exhaustion with this zesty burst of vitality.

Makrut Lime, distilled by Rare Earth Oils in FNQ, is know for its myriad of medicinal benefits. Strengthening our intentions, fortifying our defenses, this immune-boosting oil will elevate your spirits, leaving behind stress and worry. 

Botanical Name: Citrus hystrix Family Rutaceae
Aroma: A light fresh citrus aroma
Status: Organic
Sacral and heart
Far North Queensland
Method of extraction: Steam Distilled, hand harvested from organic leaves and rind by Rare Earth Oils

Sale price$33.00

Commonly employed to relieve apathy, depression and tiredness. It helps bring clarity, and is strengthening and purifying, relieving old habits, patterns of thinking lifting us up to more clarity of thought and vision, allowing us to see new solutions to old problems.

Makrut Lime strengthens us, and supports the use of our personal will to create new possibilities.

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