Jasmine Absolute

Explore the captivating, sweet, sensual aroma of our Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil. Journey through desire, liberate your imagination and awaken playfulness and Surrender to love with this exotic essential oil.

A natural aphrodisiac, Jasmine helps us ignite passion and dissolve inhibitions for truely unforgettable moments..

Botanical Name:Jasminum grandiflorum
Aroma: Exotic, sweet, deep floral aroma with oriental, warm, rich undertones. A deeply sensual aroma
Note: Mid/Base
Status: Absolute
Chakra: Heart
Method of extraction: Enfluerage

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Jasmine creates optimism, develops exhilarating playfulness, liberates the imagination and releases inhibitions giving us the ability to transcend to a new understanding and capacity to love. It is particularly helpful for emotional dilemmas, especially when they involve relationships and sex.

Jasmine was considered one of the most effective oils for soothing depression, anxiety and restlessness, resulting from repression and unconscious restraint. Well known as an aphrodisiac, Jasmine is believed to have the power to transcend physical love and fully release sexual energy. It can help reduce fear, anxiety and boost confidence. Often used to relieve the symptoms of childbirth.

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