Experience the ancient healing of this magic oil. Helping to quiet the mind and deepen spiritual connection, Frankincense slows the breath and helps focus our purpose. Find relief in its anti-inflammatory, sedative qualities.

Botanical Name: Boswellia Carterii
Aroma: Slight peppery note with a rich, sweet-woody, balsamic undertone
Method of extraction: 
Steam Distillation

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Frankincense, also known as olibanum, is one of the most sought-after of aromatic tree resins in the world. Originating in the arid deserts of Somalia. It has been used by ancient cultures for grounding during meditation for thousands of years. Helping to quiet the mind and deepen spiritual connection, Frankincense slows our breath and expands consciousness, helping to focus our purpose.

Frankincense assists us in the process of grieving and helps to break ties with the past. Known for its immune supporting properties Frankincense also has a calming effect during labour, builds emotional strength and helps rejuvenate mature skin.

There are three main species of Frankincense. Rare Earth Oils uses Boswellia Carterii for its outstanding healing properties, reducing inflammation and its warm, luxurious aroma.

In palliative care it was used to support the patients challenging journey and induce calmness. Many use it to support meditation and prayer, helping to cease the mental chatter of the mind. Helps cut ties with the past, especially where these ties may block personal growth. Also used to relieve tension, stress and anxiety.

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