Fir Needle

Crisp, refreshing sensation of Fir Needle helps to clear congestion, strengthen the immune system, promoting clarity and vitality.
Elevate your endurance with Fir's woodsy, fresh aroma.

Botanical Name: Abies sibirica
Aroma: Fresh, bright top notes with a gentle woody undertone
Third eye/crown
Method of extraction: 
Steam Distilled

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Fir Needle supports us to feel self confident, patient and courageous, to feel free in spirit and have endurance. It allows us to be optimistic and self-accepting, releasing guilt and finding forgiveness. Traditional Herbalists considered Fir Needle warming and drying, toning the Chi.

Fir Needle supports us to absorb new ideas and perspectives. It allows us to achieve strength and inner unity, elevating us whilst keeping us grounded. Often used for clearing a space of negative energies and to aid in meditation.

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