Rediscover the spark of fresh, youthful energy. Bergamot essential oil dances like a sunbeam at dawn, its bright, citrusy notes uplift the spirit, bringing joy and stability.

Aroma: Sweet, fresh, citrus aroma with floral undertones.
Note: Top
Status: Organic
Chakra: Crown
Method of extraction: Steam distilled

Sale price$34.00

Bergamot oil promotes balance and emotional stability. Because of its complex aroma of sweet citrus and fruity warmth it is both stimulating and sedating. It can help regulate the nervous system, reducing mood swings, symptoms of stress, anxiety and mild depression.

Bergamot oil can help alleviate pessimism and negative thoughts, such as fear, guilt, and unworthiness, helping us regain our self-confidence and resolve.

Its youthful fresh energy uplifts our spirits when we feel flat and reminds us life is full of joy.

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