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Botanical Name: Canaga odorata var. genuine -Family Annonaceae

  • Confidence
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Stress and anxiety
  • PMS mood swings

Historical and Traditional Uses

Historically used as an aphrodisiac, relaxant and sedative, to relieve the symptoms of depression and nervous exhaustion. Known to improve sexual function and desire. For women it was employed to reduce PMS symptoms, especially extreme mood swings before the onset of the period.

In Java the flowers were strewn on the wedding bed or blended with coconut oil to soothe skin conditions. and as an antiseptic, especially against Stap. Aureus. In skin care Ylang Ylang softens and balances the moisture in our skin. Included in hair care to repair split ends. Ylang Ylang is recommended for dry and oily skin because it has a balancing action on the oil in our skin.

Traditional Herbalist used Ylang Ylang to treat palpitations, reduce high blood pressure, slow breathing and a rapid heart rate, and relieve shock, anxiety and anger.


Ylang Ylang is considered cooling for the heart clearing severe nervous tension, tachycardia, palpitations and hypertension caused by anxiety. Great for women who suffer from a lack of self confidence, anxiety and worry, someone who hides their true self, and dresses to match this, not caring about their appearance, hiding their light from the world.

For men it is recommended for those who need to be less harsh with themselves and the world. It will nurture their intuition and help them get in touch with their feminine side.

Suggested Uses

  1. Inhalation: Aroma diffuser, steam inhalation, perfumes and direct
  2. Add to skin care and massage oils
  3. Bath, compress

Aroma: A powerful sweet floral perfume, with oriental exotic undertones.
Status: Organic
Origin: Indonesia

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