Virus Protect Pack

Strengthen immunity and boost your defences with this powerful pack of anti viral products. Winter wellness simplified. 

Stay well this season with our Ironbark EucalyptusSnuffler and mini Chest Rub at your side.

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Our anti viral champion, this powerful oil delivers.

Wild harvested and distilled by us, its dedicated following is well-deserved. Your best ally for battling colds and flu, it alleviates congestion, dispels mucus, and its analgesic nature soothes muscular discomfort and curbs inflammation. A must have in your medicine cabinet.

Indigenous Australians would cleanse a space of bad energies or spirits, or places where there has been conflict by burning (smudging) eucalyptus leaves throughout the space.

The oil is excellent for energetically clearing a space and to aid meditation. Helping us to be open hearted, restoring optimism and vitality it offers us cleansing and renewal, lifts our spirit and grants us the vision to see new horizons.

Avoid direct contact with eyes, patch test before application to skin. 

Keep out of reach of children. Be aware of individual allergies

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