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Introducing our Wellness Rewards program - your path to a healthier lifestyle. 

Celebrating your commitment to wellness, our Rewards program helps you Earn points for every purchase and engagement, redeemable for exclusive discounts and experiences that empower and enrich your life. 

Thank you for joining the movement.

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Earn points & exclusive rewards every time you shop.

How it Works

Once you join, Wellness points are automatically added every time you shop. You can also earn points by engaging with us and completing missions. For example Refer a Friend, Share our Social media posts, Follow us on Instagram or join our Newsletter.

Discount : $5 for 500 Wellness Points

Using the Rewards Pop-Up located on the Home page and Checkout Page, you can navigate to see and spend your rewards points.

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How to Earn Wellness points

Earn more points for different actions, and turn those points into rewards or discounts off your next purchase.

Accumulate Wellness points by actioning any of these missions

Join Wellness Warrior Rewards

1000 points

Place Order 3 points for every $1 spent

3 points

Sign Up to receive awesome Newsletters

500 points

Follow our Facebook Page

500 points

Follow Us on Instagram

500 points

Subscribe Youtube

500 points

Share Facebook link

200 points

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How to Spend Wellness Points

Spending your Wellness points is easy. Simply apply your points using the Rewards PopUp for a discount at checkout.

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Rare Earth Wellness Warriors

Discount $5 for every 500 Wellness points


Receive exclusive rewards every time you shop.

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