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Botanical Name: Citrus Sinensis Family Ruraceae

  • Relieves mild anxiety and stress
  • Coughs and colds
  • Antimicrobial, antifungal
  • Nourishes the parasympathetic nervous system

Historical and Traditional Uses

In France it was considered THE remedy for children, encouraging happiness, optimism and calm. It was also used to help them feel calm and sleep well.

It was considered to have a mild sedative, calming affect and was traditionally used to help combat depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Often used in massage oils to stimulate the lymphatic system - which reduces swelling, fluid retention and cellulite.

In skin care it was considered beneficial soothing dry, irritated and acne prone skin.

Commonly used in cleaning products it will remove oil and fats and mould while acting as an antibacterial for surfaces. Sweet Orange Oil contains around 90% limonene, which is used in many household cleaning products and is an earth friendly alternative to many harmful cleaning products.


The aroma is refreshing and cheerful with a sensual nature, Sweet Orange Oil gives warmth and joy to all around, children and adults. It is ideal for those who take life too seriously and forget how to laugh. It reduces self-doubt and fears of the unknown, allowing us to take on new challenges.

Believed to relieve stress, tension, mild depression and anxiety. Also fused to nourish the nervous system and support a sense of optimism.

Suggested Uses

  1. Inhalation: Aroma Diffuser, Steam Inhalation, Direct
  2. Add to home cleaning products, especially bench sprays, bathroom and floor cleaners.
  3. Add a few drops to bath, or antiseptic wash.

Aroma: A yellow oil, with a sweet light citrus aroma reminiscent of childhood and relaxing summer days.

Status: Organic
Origin: Australia

Method of extraction: Cold pressed from the fresh peel

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