Rose Absolute

Botanical Name: Rosa centifolia

    • Opens the heart
    • Soothes anxiety, irritability, insomnia and stress
    • Powerful anti-depressant
    • Helps release deep-set anger, despair and frustration. 
    • Gentle aphrodisiac
    • Assists in regulating female reproductive issues

Aroma: Sweet, hypnotic, complex rose notes with deep, honey undertones
Note: Middle - top
Status: Organic
Origin: Morocco
Chakra: Heart
Method of extraction
: Solvent extraction

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Assigned to the heart, Rose oil helps us to heal emotional wounds, encourages self worth, self nurturing, and restores trust when faced with rejection or loss.

Know as a gentle aphrodisiac, Rose oil helps to spiritualise sexual relationships and open our heart to love.

Rose oil has a profound psychological affect on our nervous system. A gentle but powerful anti-depressant, it increases empathy, soothes anxiety and helps release deep-set anger, despair and frustration.

Historically used to treat heart palpitations, irritability and insomnia, most interesting is its use to regulate female reproductive issues.

Rose oil has been found to help regulate menstruation, relieve cramps and excessive bleeding and has been found to have a huge affect regulating and purifying reproductive organs.

Used in skincare it can nourish and bring moisture to dry and mature skin.


No other flower in history has been adored, exalted and revered as the rose.

Rose Oil was first discovered in 1582 in Persia at princess Nour-Djihan’s wedding feast. A canal circling the whole garden was dug and filled with rose-water. The bridal pair when rowing on the fragrant water observed the heat of the sun separating the water from the essential oil of the Rose. It was skimmed off and found to be the most exquisite perfume.

There are 3 main products produced obtained from roses: an essential oil (through steam distillation), a a concrète (by solvent extraction of flowers) and an absolute (further extracting the concrète)

Our Rose Maroc Absolute is obtained through solvent extraction which produces a more complete plant extract.

4,000 kg of rose flowers yield approximately 1kg of rose essential oil which explains the high price of Rose oil. The aroma of the Rose Moroc tends to be closer to the true scent of fresh roses due to the low temperatures used in the extraction process.

Suggested Uses:

  1. In your diffuser or several drops in the bath
  2. As a natural perfume
  3. Used in massage oil
  4. In skincare to nourish dry and mature skin


Non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-sensitizing. Pregnant women, Please consult your health practitioner before use.

Absolutes are extremely concentrated by nature. It may be beneficial to use diluted if using an absolute for the first time.

BLENDS well with:
Lavender, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Frankincense

Chemical composition
Rose oil is one for the most complex essential oils known. It contains more than 300 chemical compounds.  There is too many to list here!
Please get in touch if you would like a list of specific constituents.



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