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Botanical Name: Citrus limonum

  • Air purifier (antimicrobial & antiseptic)
  • Help alleviate depression
  • Detox physical & emotional
  • Helps focus our intentions


Lemon oil has strong antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. Used in a diffuser it can help purify the air killing airborne microbes. It has been suggested Lemon oil stimulates production of white blood cells, helping us fight off infection and sickness.

Lemon oil has been used as a Detoxing agent, both physically and emotionally. It helps us clear our minds, remove feelings of agitation, lack of focus and anxiety.

It encourages logical thinking and activates our anticipation and attention processes. Because it is cooling and drying, Lemon oil can remove unwanted heat from our system, helping us think rationally and focus our intentions.

Lemon oil has been used to help alleviate depression and patterns of negative thinking, encouraging positive thoughts. Clinical studies suggest Lemon oil possesses anxiolytic (reducing anxiety), antidepressant-like effects, and has been found to accelerate the creation of dopamine in the brain.

Lemon oil is high in d-limonene, which has many health benefits including assisting weight loss by lowering blood sugar, and clear problem skin types, by regulating the production of sebum and toning fatigued skin.

Blends well with: Rosemary, Ginger, Sweet Orange, Clove, Rose Geranium, Peppermint, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Eucalyptus and Frankincense.

Suggested Uses

1.     Use in your diffuser to purify the air removing airborne microbes
2.     Add 4-5 drops to your cleaning spray to create an antiseptic bench spray
3.     Add 4-5 drops to a carrier oil to combat depression and encourage positive thinking
4.     Add 1 drop to a large glass of water to help detoxification

Aroma: Fresh, sweet
Note: Top
Status: Certified Organic
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Method of extraction: Cold pressed

Safety & Precautions

Application to the skin may increase sensitivity to sunlight. Always source organic Lemon oil, fruit that has been grown pesticide free. Lemon essential oil is made from the peel which may have been exposed to harsh chemicals.

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