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Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale

  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves digestive problems
  • Fevers, coughs and colds
  • Reduces morning and motion sickness

Strengthening, warming and stimulating, Ginger oil helps us to create initiative, manifest our dreams and act now! In Chinese medicine it is considered a yang or masculine energy, so it will aid our clarity regarding our worries and goals and encourage us to move forward into action, leaving apathy and confusion behind.

Historical and Traditional Uses
For thousand of years European, Chinese and Ayuvedic herbalists, have prescribed Ginger oil for its therapeutic properties. They considered it a warming herb that will benefit the whole body.

Used to improve general circulation and heart function, for cold hands and feet, to improve digestion and relieve heartburn, flatulence, morning sickness and travel sickness. Ginger also offers effective relief from the symptoms of muscular pain, rheumatism and arthritis. Good to use with children for upset tummies, motion sickness or reducing fevers.

Often used to help reduce a fever and the symptoms of a cough, cold, excess mucous, sinusitis, hay fever and sore throats. Having a stimulating, warming effect on the lungs it is used in aromatherapy for bronchitis, asthma and other lung problems. Oriental herbalists used it to relieve lower back pain caused by fatigue because of its positive effect on the kidneys.

Blends well with: Lemongrass, lemon, rose geranium, peppermint, rosemary,

Suggested Uses

  1. Inhalation: Aroma diffuser
  2. Bath or compress
  3. Use topically diluted (eg. a roll-on) to ease motion sickness
  4. Apply in a massage oil to ease pain, improve circulation and reduce fever

Aroma: Warm, spicy and oriental
Note: Base
Status: Organic
Solar Plexus
Method of extraction: CO2 Extraction

Our Ginger oil has been produced using CO2 extraction method. This method produces a superior, clean smelling oil. It removes the dirt-like aroma that can be common with Ginger essential oils leaving just the warm, sweet ginger aroma synonymous with the fresh ginger roots.

What is CO2 extraction?

Supercritical CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction captures the essence of the plant ensuring maximum purity.

CO2 is the same gas that plants thrive on and is also the gas we breathe out of our lungs. During extraction, pressure is applied to CO2 (carbon dioxide) turning the gas into liquid. This liquid CO2 can be used as a very safe liquid solvent and is ideal for essential oil extraction due to its low toxicity and ability to preserve the delicate volatile components of the oil often lost with other extraction methods.

At the end of extraction, the CO2 solvent can be totally removed very easily by releasing the pressure in the extraction chamber. This process, because it happens in a closed chamber, can collect the most fragile parts of the fragrance and plant. The end result is as close to the natural essence and fragrance of a plant possible.

Safety & Precautions:
Ginger oil is non-toxic and non-irritant.
It may cause sensitisation in some individuals, used diluted.


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