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DIY - Perfume Roll-on

Replace synthetic perfumes with the beautiful aromas of nature.. turn all your favourite essential oils into instant perfumes.
Or create a bespoke roll-on for treatment of headaches, cold & flu, relaxation..

This product is 1 x 15ml roll-on bottle (no essential oils added)

Our Perfume roll-on bottles are made using fractionated coconut oil. Our DIY roll-on has 13ml of fractionated coconut oil, with a 2ml allowance for you to add your favourite essential oils.

Or let us do the work - checkout our ready-to-go Perfume Roll-ons

What is Fractionated Coconut Oil?
Fractionated Coconut oil is odourless, making it perfect for use in perfumery. Certain parts of the coconut oil have been removed via hydrolysis or steam distillation, making it liquid at room temperature and extending its shelf life.

DIY essential oil:
Remove outer cap and roll ball, add 10 - 40 drops of your favourite essential oil. Replace caps.

** Please patch test on skin before use and check for individual allergies.
*** Avoid oils that contain Cinnamon Bark oil, this may irritate sensitive skin.

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