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Bushmaster Repellent

The first Wild harvested, Organic insect repellent. Safe for children. Scientifically tested and proven to go toe-to-toe with chemical repellents. 

Approved by the TGA for up to 6 hours. Protection from: Mosquitoes, sand flies (midges), flies, ticks and insects.

Through our partnership with JCU university in Townsville we have created a 100% natural, effective insect repellent using our wild harvested Lemon Scented Eucalyptus.  Including aloe Vera, our herbalist has included wax derived from olives to help improve its waterproof and sweat resistant ability.

Chemical Free Protection:
Our Bushmaster repellent is an effective alternative to nasty chemical repellents that contain DEET and Picaridin. These 2 chemicals can cause serious side effects especially in children

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