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"I cannot put into words how wonderful these products are - the Muscle Rub balm is magic! Love it! Everyone I share it with says the same! Thank you for giving me an option for pain relief that is not a pill." - Michelle Tziarkas – Alexandria NSW

Eucalyptus Chest Rub

"I use the Chest Rub usually once at night and 6-8 times during the day. The feeling in my chest is amazing."
- Carmen, Melbourne

Healing Balm

"My son had rash for ages. I used the Calendula on his nappy rash and it went in one day!"
- Amanda, Cairns

Muscle Rub

"I have arthritis in my knee. When I wake in the middle of the night in pain, I rub the Muscle Rub on and it gives me instant relief."
- Sue Skarabot, Cairns
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